Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Baby Bjorn Travel Crib

We are excited to share we have added BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib to our inventory. 

The BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib Light may be rented for a day, week, or month for newborns and up until the age of three.

                          BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib vs. Graco Pack n Play

    Bjorn Travel Crib                                       Graco Pack n Play
Mattress: 24 x 41 x 1.6 in.                        Mattress: 28.5 x 40 x .75 in.
Height: 32 in.                                                 Height 33.2 in.
Ages: Newborn to 3 years                        Ages: Newborn to 3 years
Weight Max: 30 pounds                           Weight Limit: 31 pounds

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