Friday, October 30, 2009

You & Me - Great Song

Before having children myself I heard this great fish song being sung to a friends baby. Something about the rhythm of the song, I really liked. Almost four years later when it was my turn to sing to my first daughters I forgot the words to the song. A million times I said, I need to call Shelly and ask her for the words to my favorite fish song. Well you know how life goes, busy, forget, do not want to bother the person (who I see maybe one a year, but would like to see more), etc.

WELL, I am so happy to say, I saw her today at the grocery store with her two adorable little boys. I immediately said, PLEASE email me with words to that great fish song you used to sing Julia. Shelly is such a wonder person that tonight in my email were the words to the song I have been wanting to sing to my girls. I am so excited I can not even tell you..... and the girls are in bed. Tomorrow morning when they wake up, we will be a singing home!!!!

Here it goes; sing it with your little ones

You and me go fishing in the sea and the waves roll by

You and me go fishing in the sea and the waves roll by

We caught one fish, two fish, three fish and four

Then UP pops a whale with a splishy splashy tail and

We swam and we swam for shore

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